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Sex sells. It can also ruffle feathers. On the rare occasions that The Grouch gets feedback from the subjects of his articles, the reaction runs the gamut from happy campers to not-so-happy campers. The following is selected feedback from a few sort-of, kind-of, semi-celebrities. (Click on any picture for a larger image.)



Happy Camper: Deborah Voorhees




When The Grouch wrote about a brief encounter he had 25 years ago with sexy starlet Deborah Voorhees (aka Deborah Bradley, aka Debisue Voorhees), the star of Friday the 13th: A New Beginning could not have been more gracious. Grouch found Deborah on Facebook and told her that he had written a “guilty pleasure” post about his meeting with her in Texas, circa 1990, and said that he intended to mention her famous nude scene in Friday – an exposure that cost her a post-acting job as a teacher.

Her messages to Grouch, before and after reading the article:





Below, screen captures from 1985’s Friday the 13th: A New Beginning.  These topless, bottomless views of Deborah cemented her standing as every red-blooded American male’s favorite victim of Jason.


6 7 8

9  10  11

12 13



Unhappy Camper: She Who Must Not Be Named


Liz Sklar 1


When The Grouch published a review of Imbued that included shots of She Who Must Not Be Named in her birthday suit, the brunette hottie found out about it and, well, see her e-mail requests below.

In the picture above, She Who Must Not Be Named does not look particularly thrilled to be taking instructions from director Rob Nilsson, who might have been asking her to lose the dress for the nude scenes pictured below.


Sklar A


Sklar B


.     Liz Sklar a Liz Sklar b Liz Sklar c

.     Liz Sklar d  Liz Sklar e   Liz Sklar f


Oh, please. You took off your clothes for a movie that, presumably, you hoped as many people as possible would see. And then you object when screen captures of your booty pop up on the Internet?


. Liz Sklar 3 Liz Sklar 4

. Liz Sklar 5   Liz Sklar 6   Liz Sklar 7




 Mostly Happy Camper: “Dutch”




Grouch discovered a YouTube channel called “Horrible Reviews” and was so amused that he wrote about its creator, a funny fellow known to us as “Dutch” (above). Dutch liked the Grouch’s story:





Unfortunately for The Grouch, Dutch has 95,000 extremely loyal followers, and some of them reacted to Grouch’s story the way Trump fans react when you attack Trump.









Last But Certainly Least: Rip van Dinkle


Small-penis pageant contestant Rip van Dinkle, subject of two stories (here and here), responded by sending The Grouch two holiday cards featuring his bearded self with Minneapolis news personalities Liz Collin (the blonde) and Natalie Nyhus. The cards are at the top of this page and the third picture below this paragraph. It’s just a hunch, but we’re guessing that Photoshop might have been involved ….


.                        Natalie Nyhus      Liz Collin

Collin Nyhus


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Director Rob Nilsson made the mistake of taking audience questions after a screening tonight of his new drama, Imbued.  Nilsson had just explained his directorial intention to not spell everything out in the film, to make viewers draw their own conclusions.  What did the screening audience think of his movie?, Nilsson asked.

A woman in the back piped up and asked him why the main actors (Stacy Keach and Liz Sklar) had to be naked at the end of the film.  Why, she wanted to know, had Nilsson made his movie from the “typical” male point of view?  Since we never actually see Keach’s nudity, but the camera does linger on a fully nude Sklar, I assumed the woman was taking issue with the objectification of the young actress. Nilsson, clearly taken aback by her question, said something about trying to show the “beauty” of both characters.

Imbued is all about characters — just the two of them.  Keach plays Donatello, an aging bookie who through chance winds up spending the night with Lydia (Sklar), a high-end call girl.  (Here’s a separate issue the lady in the audience could have objected to:  yet another greying actor — Keach is 69 — romantically paired with a much younger actress.)  Donatello and Lydia verbally joust, push emotional buttons, and eventually bare more than just their bodies.

The proceedings aren’t as dull as that description might suggest.  The story, set against some stunning skyline shots of San Francisco at night, unfolds at a leisurely pace, but this is an actors’ movie, and Keach and Sklar are absorbing throughout.  With or without their clothes.         Grade:  B-




Director:  Rob Nilsson  Cast:  Stacy Keach, Liz Sklar, Michelle Anton Allen, Nancy Bower  Release:  2010


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