The Weekly Review: June 21 – 27

Dear Black People,

Even you must be amazed at the power of yelling “racism!” at any white person who objects to progressive policies. Celebrities, corporations, politicians of all stripes, the media – all of them are terrified of being called the “r” word.

But come on now. This is getting way out of hand, don’t you think?




I’m watching America’s young people tear the country apart and I am thinking: I might have gotten behind some of this when it was “Occupy Wall Street.” You know, when the main villains were the 1 percent, and the goal was payback on the rich.

But now that city streets are turning into Charles Manson’s wet dream, a war between the races … no. Just no. You are not doing it right.




I’m not sure how much longer this chaos can go on. The rule of law doesn’t apply – unless it suits you. Democracy doesn’t apply – unless it suits you.

Are those of us who cling to old-fashioned things like the rule of law and democracy just suckers?




White people embarrassing themselves



Hard to say who’s more pathetic, miserable-looking Jimmy Fallon bending the knee to the idiot woman pictured above, or Jimmy Kimmel, who has decided to emulate Joe Biden by going into hiding.








Those are plants? For a moment, I thought it was a gathering of Democrats.




I joined Gab some years ago, but it’s disappointing because there are so few members and it has little social clout. I joined Parler the other day, hoping it can succeed where Gab fails. Supposedly, Gab and Parler are censor-free social-media sites, a welcome alternative to the Big Boys.

The problem is the unfettered monopoly enjoyed by evil giants Facebook and Twitter. Congress is afraid to place limitations on Twitter and Facebook, or Congress is simply too corrupt to act.





I’ve never read a Harlan Coben book, but I might have to do so. The miniseries based on his novels, while no artistic masterpieces, are always entertaining – no matter which country produces them. I enjoyed Safe and The Stranger, both set in Britain, and now I’m enjoying The Woods (above), which was produced in Poland, of all places. Next up from Coben: The Innocent, set in Madrid.



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