The Weekly Review: November 3 – 9



Fat Guys Gone Wild!




Fat Guy 1:  Chris Christie won re-election, and newspapers everywhere were forced to expand to single-column layouts.








Fat Guys 2 and 3:  This kerfuffle over hazing/harassment/business-as-usual in the NFL won’t surprise anyone who’s seen what is perhaps the best sports movie ever made, 1979’s North Dallas Forty.


Jonathan Martin


I have no idea how the Incognito-Martin squabble will resolve itself, but I do know this:  I just finished watching MSNBC, and a panel of gays and hetero “girlie men” were discussing how to fix pro football — and that has to be every NFL fan’s worst nightmare.




Fat Guy 4:  Toronto Mayor Rob Ford (photo at top).  Enough said.






CNN’s Brooke Baldwin might want to choose her words more carefully.  On Thursday, she did a segment on mental illness.  This is how she introduced Joe Pantoliano, an actor who has struggled with clinical depression: “Looking at your credits, you’re this crazy successful actor.”






Best Show That You’re Probably Not Watching:

The Returned.  Critics keep referring to this eight-part French series as a “zombie” show.  It is not.  It is a ghost show, dammit.

Sundance Channel has again imported an intriguing drama that, aside from all else, is great-looking.  Top of the Lake gave us spectacular New Zealand scenery.  The Returned takes us to the French Alps.  I’ve only seen the first two episodes, but the premise is a keeper:  Long-dead people suddenly show up at their loved ones’ doorsteps — including, apparently, a deceased serial killer.


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