The Weekly Review: January 29 – Feb. 4



The Chinese Balloon


At least we now have an idea of what to expect in the event of a nuclear attack on America.

The Biden administration will either Plan A: not do a thing, and hope that no one notices that Montana has been obliterated off the face of the Earth, or Plan B: dither for a week trying to decide what to do, during which time the rest of the continental U.S. will become a pile of ashes.


This is the doddering, perverted, traitorous fool you voted for, American Democrats. Because, you know, you didn’t like Trump.






YouTube kept telling me to watch talk-show host Lex Fridman, so I finally caved and watched a few episodes. My thoughts? Fridman is just a new Charlie Rose for the current generation. Rose was just the new Tom Snyder for his generation. Snyder was just the new … I dunno, Edward R. Murrow, perhaps?

That’s not a slam on Fridman, just an observation.




Shows to watch (or not)



Fauda — Israel’s defense-forces thriller is still as tense and exciting as ever in its fourth season. But I will have to say, I am becoming a bit burned out on its repetitive formula: scheming bad guys, vacillating decision-makers, family angst. Repeat, rinse, repeat, rinse.



The Snow Girl — The Netflix series is nothing you haven’t seen before (child kidnapping drama), but it’s very well done.


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