Male Gazing: Natalie Reynolds


Bratty Nattie




If there’s one thing we know about controversial “influencer” Natalie Reynolds (there is a lot more than one thing), it’s that the girl craves attention.

Reynolds garners views on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram by pushing buttons in her videos. She kills wild animals; she interviews pedophiles; she gives money to a homeless woman to jump into a body of water — knowing that the poor woman can’t swim. Natalie walks half-naked into a gym.

Natalie Reynolds generates headlines for The New York Post and other news sites.

Yawn. There is only one thing that interests us. The blonde beauty also has an OnlyFans page.

Because we are always aiming to help young people achieve their goals — in Natalie’s case, viewer eyeballs — we thought we’d help by sharing some of her pictures.

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Male gazing into our crystal ball, and because she is always trying to up the ante (or “push the envelope”; choose your own cliché), we see this in Natalie’s future: hard-core pornography.

In the pictures and videos below, bratty Nattie seems to already be in the next phase of her career.



“Doggy vids”?



Natalie’s “leaked” OnlyFans videos:




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