The Weekly Review: November 24 – 30



Especially Grouchy Holiday Edition




“I felt my body break free, and I felt my spirit break free and I was greeted by these people or these spirits.  I could be with them and be going down this incredible pathway.” — a woman on CNN’s To Heaven and Back.

This got me to wondering:  Why is it that we never hear stories about people who, during their near-death experience, behold the gates of hell or smell fire and brimstone?  But then I answered my own question.  If I had an experience like that, I wouldn’t likely go on CNN to talk about it.






These “big box” stores are full of it.  They claim that employees who worked on Thanksgiving Day were there on a “volunteer” basis.  Right.  I’m sure that, come review time, the managers at Walmart and Target and Sears will pat Sally Shoemaker and Al Appliance on the back and completely overlook their unwillingness to work on holidays.  Also, how many top-level executives were at work on Turkey Day?




The Huffington Post is still looking for a few good proofreaders.  From this week:

“We reached out to McDonald’s for comment on this horror, because journalism, with no response so far.”


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