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Bratty Nattie




If there’s one thing we know about controversial “influencer” Natalie Reynolds (there is a lot more than one thing), it’s that the girl craves attention.

Reynolds garners views on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram by pushing buttons in her videos. She kills wild animals; she interviews pedophiles; she gives money to a homeless woman to jump into a body of water — knowing that the poor woman can’t swim. Natalie walks half-naked into a gym.

Natalie Reynolds generates headlines for The New York Post and other news sites.

Yawn. There is only one thing that interests us. The blonde beauty also has an OnlyFans page.

Because we are always aiming to help young people achieve their goals — in Natalie’s case, viewer eyeballs — we thought we’d help by sharing some of her pictures.

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Male gazing into our crystal ball, and because she is always trying to up the ante (or “push the envelope”; choose your own cliché), we see this in Natalie’s future: hard-core pornography.

In the pictures and videos below, bratty Nattie seems to already be in the next phase of her career.



“Doggy vids”?



Natalie’s “leaked” OnlyFans videos:




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Annie Belle tempting David Hess in House on the Edge of the Park


If you were producing a twisted, psychosexual thriller 45 years ago, your go-to-actor to play the bad guy had to be David Hess. Lantern-jawed, dark, and muscular — but with a crooked smile and threatening leer — Hess resembled an archetypal hero who was just a bit … off.

Think what you will of movies like Last House on the Left and House on the Edge of the Park, there is no denying the power of Hess’s performances. When it came to playing villainous creeps, he had the acting chops.



It just so happened that he was routinely cast in low-budget films that are now more infamous than famous.

Long before the era of “intimacy coordinators,” Hess was humiliating female co-stars on screen by teasing, torturing, and — if Hess’s own words are to be believed — occasionally enjoying unsimulated sex with them.



In House on the Edge of the Park, Hess enacts a story-opening rape scene … with his real-life wife, actress Karoline Mardeck (above and below). Hess rips off her clothes, briefly exposing her full-frontal nudity.



Hess was then asked to: 1) simulate sex with co-star Annie Belle in a scene that he described as not simulated; 2) tear off the clothing of black actress Marie Claude Joseph, revealing her breasts; and 3) strip and torture a “virgin” blonde played by petite Brigitte Petronio.

Italian director Ruggero Deodato seemed hellbent on ensuring that viewers got full-nude views of every actress in the cast. This parade of female nudity commences after Hess’s character and his mentally challenged buddy turn an innocuous suburban party into a harrowing home-invasion.

It’s difficult to imagine the following scenes in today’s Hollywood, in which political correctness rules. All the scenes involve the physically imposing Hess:


Scene 1:  Hess assaults real-life wife Mardeck. Oh, to be the proverbial fly on the wall when this rape scene was choreographed by Mr. and Mrs. Hess and director Deodato.



Scene 2:  Hess tears off the top of actress Marie Claude Joseph, who is inexplicably bald. He later corners her and gropes her breasts. She is inexplicably nonplussed.



The video:


Scene 3: Belle seduces Hess by allowing him to grope her at the party and then showering in front of him. Eventually, they wind up in the sack.



The videos:



Belle, perhaps realizing her mistake in not contributing any crotch scenes in House on the Edge of the Park, atoned for that inexcusable error a few years later in 1984’s The Alcove (below).



Hess plays an excellent cad. Seems like he might have been one in real life, as well, judging from some of his comments about his notorious sex scenes.


From an interview with Hess about House on the Edge of the Park


Question:  “Out of the other cast members, who really sticks out in your head?”

Hess:  “Annie Belle, who played Lisa. She was just this crazy, little, young, and wonderful kind of actress that had no predispositions about what to do or what not to do. As long as there’s a sheet, let’s fuck! Literally.

“Anything that went on between Annie Belle and I, even on the screen, was real.”



From an interview with Hess about his rape scene with actress Sandra Peabody (Sandra Cassel) in Last House on the Left


Hess: “I scared the living shit out of her, man. She really thought I might — I started to pull her pants down and grabbed her tits and everything.

“Pulling her pants off, right? And then drooling in her face, which I did intentionally. It just so, it humiliated her. There was all of a sudden this look. It would have been easy to fuck her, right there on the set. I mean, because she really gave in.”


Scene 4: The only sequence not directly involving Hess. His pal “Ricky” assaults actress Lorraine De Selle, who later enjoys consensual sex with him. Yes, you read that right: consensual.



Scene 5: Poor Brigitte Petronio. Her character inadvertently walks into the home invasion. She is then stripped, groped, and tortured by Hess while other members of the cast bear witness.



The video:



House on the Edge of the Park predates home-invasion movies like The Strangers, but with several twists on the formula. For one, the villains do not target their prey and then break into the house. They are invited to a party.

The surprise revelation at the end of the film works well even though, in retrospect, it doesn’t make a great deal of sense.

But thanks to copious, often gratuitous female nudity and Hess’s amusing scenery chewing, this house party from hell is never dull.


Director: Ruggero Deodato   Cast: David Hess, Brigitte Petronio, Annie Belle, Karoline Mardeck, Lorraine De Selle, Marie Claude Joseph, Giovanni Lombardo Radice  Release: 1980


(Credit to AZNude for the videos)


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There are three reasons you might want to watch 1972’s women-in-prison flick, The Big Bird Cage. 1 — You are a fan of this kind of campy exploitation. 2 — There is an amazing scene in the Banaue Rice Terraces in the Philippines, in which a mass mud-wrestling tournament erupts, pretty much out of nowhere. 3 — You grew up in the 1970s and had the hots for “Barker’s Beauties” on The Price Is Right. Especially sultry Anitra Ford (above and below), who modeled on the show from 1972-76.





Bob Barker ran into a string of difficulties with the show’s models, some of whom sued the “get your pets spayed or neutered” host for sexual harassment. But Anitra, one of the two original “Beauties,” was not among the claimants — possibly because she was too busy acting in B-movies. And often getting naked in them.



The Big Bird Cage (1972) is available in high definition and is dubbed and subtitled. We are supplying our own subtitles for some of the screen captures below. (Click on any picture for a bigger view.)


The plot: The plot doesn’t really matter. Anitra’s character is in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets sent to a Filipino women’s prison, where inmates toil at a sugar-cane mill and tussle with two chunky prison guards, both of whom happen to be gay men. One of them watches Anitra shower in the scene below.


“This is how I auditioned for The Price Is Right. Bob told me to go behind the curtain and, when it opened, to show him what was behind door number three.”


“Hi, I’m actress Candice Roman. I have a nice rear end, too, don’t you think?”


“Listen dude, I know you’re wondering why I just flashed my pussy. If you hadn’t noticed, I’m small-breasted. They told me small-breasted girls have to show more to get this kind of role. So now you know.”


“Another pussy flash? All right, how’s this?”


The Big Bird Cage videos: 



More plot: Meanwhile, revolutionaries played by Sid Haig and Pam Grier infiltrate the prison because, well … they believe that freeing the locked-up gals is somehow the equivalent of 1789, when French revolutionaries stormed the Bastille.

Like I said, the plot doesn’t matter.


“Does this look gay enough? Yes, I think we look gay enough. It’s 1972, after all.”


“Perfect spot for a mass mud-wrestle. Because … why not?”


“This wasn’t in the script, but who could resist a spontaneous roll in the muck?”



I would never be so bold as to assert that Ford is in league with Meryl Streep in terms of acting. But she does have a certain savoir faire, a smoldering tough-girl charisma. But not so much in the scene below, in which she’s gang-raped by three horny Filipino men. The men, no doubt, were grateful that there were no “intimacy coordinators” in 1972.


“Rip off the clothes of a hot American actress? Sure, we think we can do that.”


“Sure, I can take a moment to look between her legs. These American movies are great!”



The video:



Writer-Director: Jack Hill  Cast: Pam Grier, Sid Haig, Anitra Ford  Release: 1972


Anitra’s (nude) resume also includes:


Stacey (1973)


The video:



Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973)



If Ford looks familiar to you, but you can’t imagine why because you don’t watch sexploitation movies or old game shows, you might have seen the California native sharing a bed with box-office champ Burt Reynolds in The Longest Yard (below).



(Credit to AZNude for the videos)


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