The Weekly Review: May 14 – 20


Compassion Fatigue


What do Dianne Feinstein, John Fetterman, the fat airline passenger, the dead Michael Jackson impersonator, illegal aliens, and transgender pronoun-changers all have in common?

Answer: When they do something bad, you are not allowed to think ill of them, much less punish them. If you do, then you are a “bad” person.


Fuck that. Here is why each of them is undeserving of our sympathy:



Dianne Feinstein — The senator makes feeble-minded Joe Biden look like Albert Einstein. She is physically and mentally incapacitated, and yet there is nothing wrong with her queen-sized ego. Retire already, lady.





John Fetterman — Progressives railed that Donald Trump was “unfit” for office. But because Fetterman suffered a stroke, we are expected to ignore his obvious unfitness (and lack of fashion sense) and simply feel sorry for him.





Fatso on the airplane — Doesn’t matter that she’s obviously a Twinkies addict, the rest of us must accommodate her travel discomfort by paying for her additional space on airplanes. The world is expected to conform to her, not the other way around.





Transgender, et al., pronoun changers — Listen, as far as I’m concerned, you can call yourself whatever you want. But you do not get to change the English language. You are not a “they.” This is another case of the world expected to conform to a bitter minority, not the other way around.





“Asylum seekers” — We need to stop letting the left frame the debate by referring to illegal border crossers as “asylum seekers.” The migrants might call themselves that, but only because it helps them achieve their real goal: better-paying jobs in the U.S. The vast majority of them appear to be healthy young males, not families fleeing from evil dictators.





Jordan Neely — Much like George Floyd, we are all expected to think of this guy as a benign fellow, a Michael Jackson impersonator who had the misfortune of running afoul of a deranged ex-Marine. We must ignore Neely’s scores of criminal offenses, including his penchant for punching 60-year-olds in the face. You know, just like we are expected to ignore Floyd’s penchant for pointing guns at pregnant women.


Screw “compassionate conservatism.” Where is the liberal compassion for pregnant crime victims, minimum-wage-earning citizens, cash-strapped airline passengers, and lovers of the English language?




The Durham Report


I can’t get too excited about this report, which confirms what we already knew about government corruption. I can only get excited if, as a result of the report, big-shot heads begin to roll.

In other words, I will not likely be getting excited.




It’s getting harder to find anything new worth watching on Netflix. I stopped watching Tom Hanks in A Man Called Otto about one-third into the film because, unlike the similar-themed Clint Eastwood movie Gran Torino, Otto was drab and depressing. 




I’ve been playing catchup with Bill Maher’s podcast, Club Random. For the most part, it’s an entertaining show.

I say “for the most part” because, in nearly every episode, Maher lets his Trump Derangement Syndrome get the best of him and cannot resist goading his guest into agreeing with him that “orange man bad.” It’s amusing/annoying to watch this repetitive game, in which Maher tries his damndest to get hesitant guests like Aaron Rodgers, Kid Rock, Adam Carolla, and Jay Leno to join him in venting about Trump.

Much as Trump simply refuses to let go of the 2020 election, Maher simply refuses to let go of Trump.


On the positive side, it’s hard not to be amused at the sight of a drunken Richard Dreyfuss conducting his chat with Maher with his torso half on a chair, and half on the floor.



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