Free Flick of the Week: “The Silencers”



Thanks to James Bond, secret agents dominated Hollywood in the mid-1960s.  Sean Connery was hard to top, so movies and TV decided to spoof 007, rather than compete with him.  Television had Get Smart, and the movies came up with James Coburn in the Flint series and Dean Martin as Matt Helm.  The Silencers was the first in a series of Helm adventures, and it is as ridiculous, sexist, and outdated as you might expect.  And yet, these over-the-top satires had more wit than the moronic Austin Powers films, in my humble opinion.  Watch Martin and Stella Stevens for free by clicking here.


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  1. Hollywood November 27, 2010 6:36 pm  Reply

    My husband said the same exact thing happened to his friend. I’ll have to see if it was Target too. They think they can get by with their wording in the article … “limited availability, no raincheck” … but WOW … can we say “blatant falst advertising.” I can see if they sold out after the first 30 minutes but to not have it at all and have advertised for people to come so early … just ridiculous! Anyway, sorry you had to deal with that. It actually makes me want to boycott Target. I still hope you get that upgraded TV … soon! You should also post on your Facebook to spread the word.

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