The Weekly Review: January 15 – 21


I believe it’s high time we stop misusing the word “elites” when referring to Bill Gates, Al Gore, and the other clowns who attend the World Economic Forum.

“Elite” has a positive connotation. Ken Griffey Jr. was an elite athlete. Meryl Streep is an elite actor. Gates, Gore, et al. have money and clout, but they are misguided tools.

How about we call each of them Big Shot Asshole, or B.S.A.?




Posting this picture will be seen as an exercise in bad taste by some folks, but holy moly …



If it’s good enough for the New York Post, it’s good enough for us. Also, if she was proud of the picture while alive, why not now?








Clearly, the artist responsible for the above picture is “borrowing” from the Smallest Penis in Brooklyn pageant.


Speaking of the pageant, here is Filipino artist Kryanne’s progress on her latest rendition of S.P.B. star Rip van Dinkle:



We hate to leave you with the mental image presented above, so here is this again:



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