The Weekly Review: October 28 – November 3



“Why do you have to put [CNN’s] Ali Velshi in Atlantic City hour after hour after hour after hour, with him being blown around by the wind?  I think it was a CNN executive, off-camera with a gun to his [Velshi’s] head.”  — Michael Moore to Piers Morgan


I’d be less than honest if I didn’t admit to experiencing a bit of schadenfreude watching TV reporters clinging to lampposts and getting drenched during hurricane coverage.  It’s especially fun to see big-name anchors like Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett take a soaking.  And who could forget Al Roker’s memorable reporting during Hurricane Wilma (below)?




In related news, CNN relied heavily on “iReporters” — a term I have come to loathe — for storm reports.  Hey, “iReporter,” you are not an Apple product and you are certainly not a journalist.  You are just some schmuck with a camera.


Mitt Romney was also concerned about storm victims.  I’m sure Romney has rich pals who suffered damage to their multi-million-dollar vacation homes, and that is certainly tragic.




I recently watched something called Twins of Evil, a 1971 horror flick.  I am convinced that the main vampire was played by Jimmy Fallon.  Yes, I realize that the movie is 40 years old, but you be the judge:  In the pictures below, which is Jimmy and which is the movie bloodsucker?



Fallon3 ????????

Fallon5                                                             Fallon6

Fallon7                                               Fallon8




Just in case you haven’t yet seen this little girl doing a superb job of expressing America’s mood,  click here.






I don’t do much tweeting.  I don’t really understand the appeal of Twitter.  Several years ago when I first registered at the site, I posted a tweet that mentioned, in passing, Justin Bieber.  Apparently my reference popped up on a Twitter search engine because on the following day I got my first group of “followers” — a gaggle of teenage girls.  I figured that was better than no followers.  Alas, when the teen girls somehow wised up to the fact that they were now following a middle-aged doofus (me), they promptly unfollowed me.  I can’t explain why, but this abandonment depressed me.




Meanwhile, on Survivor




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