The Weekly Review: November 10 – 16

Don’t forget, this is the guy who got excited when prank phone-callers told him they had nude pictures of Trump:





Barring some new major scandal in the coming year – admittedly, always a possibility with this president – I think the country should prepare for four more years of Donald Trump.





Last week I said that I was dreading the upcoming release of Black Christmas – the second remake in the past 13 years of my all-time favorite horror movie (see my review of the original).

But perhaps I’m wrong. The trailer for the remake doesn’t look half bad.

I was curious about the new version’s director, a woman named Sophia Takal, so I Googled her and discovered that she is also an actress whose resume consists of ubiquitous nude scenes in movies you’ve never heard of — probably not a good sign for the new Black Christmas.

Introducing Sophia Takal:



Then again, Bob Clark, who directed the 1974 original, was also responsible for Porky’s. So, I guess you never know.




Dinkle vs. King






More views of the director of Black Christmas:



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