The Weekly Review: May 15 – 21


Peterson is, as usual, correct. The Sports Illustrated model does have an attractive face, but as for the rest of her … well, not so much.

Like I said, Peterson is, as usual, correct.





Who the hell is this woman? And who did she bang at the New York Post to warrant so much publicity?





There is often a divergence of opinion between critics and a movie’s fans, but good lord. A 74-point difference of opinion?





Why is it that our politicians (and most media) talk only about the huge influx of illegal immigrants from the past few years?

Is it no longer a problem that, depending on which estimate you believe, we already have anywhere from 12-20 million illegal aliens solidly entrenched here? Are we supposed to forget about that?





Get rid of them all. This show has sucked for years.




Last but certainly not least, we just posted a new Tale From The Grouch. Check out “An Overcast Day,” and then peruse all 14 short stories listed below.

Here’s a complete list of Grouch’s short stories with links (in green):



 . Rusty   “Rusty” — Happy times in suburbia.


. revelation   “Revelation” — Unhappy times in suburbia.


. homebodies   “Homebodies” — The people next door.


. ass   “The Porthole” — Be careful what you wish for.


. the ufo   “The UFO” — Stand by me … and a UFO.


. Tales From Grouch   “Carol Comes Home” — The spirit of Norman Bates.


. thwup   “Thwup!” — The case for eating more (or less) beans.


. Wisdom   “Wisdom” — Cabin in the woods.


.        “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”  Thelma helps a guest.


. Americans    “The Americans”  — Kevin goes for the gold.


.        “Margaret” — The greatest love story of all time?


. Asmat     “The Hot Tub”  — Elites enjoy some “quality time.”


. Earl Smilius     “The Climate Changer” — Earl has a secret weapon.


. Holger     “An Overcast Day”   — The important thing in life.



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