The Weekly Review: March 1 – 7

The Crotchety Editor



We’re thinking about changing the name of this Web site to The Crotchety Editor. After all, someone young can be grouchy, but The Grouch is no spring chicken, and so “crotchety” seems more on point.


This Week’s Yells from the Porch:


Has “tornado alley” changed locations? In the old days whenever there was big twister news it seemed to always come from Texas, Oklahoma, or Kansas. But lately, these nasty buggers seem to hit farther east and south; places like Nashville and the Deep South.




Some radio jocks were discussing “new age music.” I’ve been hearing about “new age music” for decades. When does it finally become “middle aged music”? Or “old age music”?




If there’s any good news coming out of this coronavirus mess, it’s the fact that we are all taking a closer look at greedy American corporations, movie studios, and pro sports teams that are selling out the U.S.A. for the Chinese buck.


As for the morons harassing Asian-Americans because of coronavirus … shut the fuck up. I work with a sweet young Hmong girl named Priya, and she is fearful of backlash against her friends and family. She is not harming you and has nothing to do with the damn virus, so leave Priya alone or I will beat the shit out of you.




Can we please stop kidding ourselves that Mike Bloomberg was the only candidate trying to buy an election? In case you haven’t noticed, Sue the hairdresser and Stu the mechanic will not likely ever become president.

In America, you pretty much have to buy elections – either by being ultra-wealthy yourself or by begging for money from the rich.





I dislike Pete Davidson (above). In every Saturday Night Live sketch, he looks as if he would prefer to be somewhere else — anywhere else. So please go there and get the hell out of my television.

Also, you’re nowhere near as funny as you seem to think you are.





Some female golfer named Paige Spiranac is complaining to the media that the nude selfie shown above was posted online by her ex-boyfriend. She’s complaining. Yeah, right.




One more coronavirus complaint: This business about washing our hands … it sounds like something the government says to its people because it doesn’t know what else to tell them, but it feels it must tell them something.







That’s enough complaining. Let’s end this review on a positive note. Like this female volleyball player:



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