The Weekly Review: September 5 – 11

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I suppose I should know better than to seek moral enlightenment from programs like Showbiz Tonight, but sometimes the double standards are simply breath-taking.  Brooke Anderson, grinning bimbo and co-host of the show, breathlessly informed viewers of a “catfight” between two women on Jersey Shore.  “These young women having fistfights — are you loving it, or is it just over the top?” giggled Brooke.

Not five minutes later, Brooke took 84-year-old Jerry Lewis to task for suggesting that Lindsay Lohan be spanked for her misbehavin’ ways.

In summary, viewers are invited to delight in what might constitute felony assault on Jersey Shore, but shame on dirty old man Jerry.




Trendy Shows That I Refuse to Watch


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The media fawn over certain shows, whether the public agrees or not.  When you look at the numbers, it seems that what determines a “hit” in today’s fragmented viewing market is hardly the same as in the past, when there were clear ratings juggernauts like Gunsmoke or All in the FamilyGlee, Mad Men, Jersey Shore … all enjoy media adulation — and relatively small fan bases.


Mad   Archie




Another Thing About Sports …

Why is it that in sports like tennis and golf, the crowd is expected to hush, but not so in other sports?  When a basketball player lines up for a crucial, last-second free throw, does that not require the same type of concentration that a golfer must summon for an important putt?  Yet in basketball, the crowds are encouraged to do everything possible to distract the poor shooter, whereas in golf, well … shhhhh!

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  1. Hollywood September 18, 2010 2:03 pm  Reply

    Sometime back in 2001 I flew on the same plane as Jerry Lewis. He was standing about three chairs over from me. We made eye contact and that was it (he was skinny/healthy looking then). Then he got on the plane first and we all later followed. Boy did I kick myself in the ass for not saying anything or getting his autograph. I watch practically every movie of his growing up. I forgot how much I loved that guy. I guess I was a little shocked to look over and see him and then decided it was best to play it cool and not annoy him. DUMB me! 🙁
    Pointless story but thought I’d share anyway since you made me remember this by bringing him up. Thanks for the memories! ;- /

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