The Weekly Review: June 2 – 8


Hit Man


Netflix Nuggets


Filmmakers have this knockout idea for a scary movie: Let it take place in one of the creepiest places on Earth — the catacombs beneath Paris.



This is such a great concept that it’s been used twice in the past ten years. First in As Above, So Below, and then in the shark-movie Under Paris, now playing on Netflix.



It’s too bad that both movies suck — although they do have their moments.

One bright spot for Under Paris is its musical score. It was entrancing. It was pretty much the only thing that kept me interested.




Speaking of mediocre misfires on Netflix, we have the premiere of Hit Man.



Inexplicably, critics and the public seem to love this thing, and 2024 seems to be the year that we crown Glen Powell as The Next Big Movie Star. 

I don’t understand the fuss over this film. It doesn’t matter that it was directed by critics’ darling Richard Linklater. I share this dude’s exasperation.






Good point, Stephen. Biden wasn’t involved because, at the time, Biden was in the shower with his daughter.




Glen Powell proves in Hit Man and in Anyone But You that he understands the importance of attractive co-stars. Now if only he understood the importance of attractive scripts.

There’s no question that Adria Arjona is a highlight of Hit Man. She is hot. For more Arjona hotness, check out season one of Narcos, or her appearance in True Detective season two (below).



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