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I thought I should check out Netflix’s Cuties this week, just to see what all the fuss is about. But good lord … after I read some of the vitriolic comments about this movie on Twitter, it seems to me that even expressing an interest in the thing is enough to put you on someone’s hit list.

Maybe I’ll watch it later – assuming it’s still there.


The controversy over Cuties’ sexualization of children reminds me of the rationale for showing graphic rape scenes/nudity in “revenge” flicks. Filmmakers know they can get by with it if they insist that they are really against it.

But the difference between Cuties and something like I Spit on Your Grave — and it is a big difference — is the age of the actors.




Way back in the early 1980s, I was a young man recently moved from Minnesota to Dallas, Texas. I joined a company softball team and was amused one sunny afternoon when I could hear players on the opposing bench refer to me as a “Yankee.” I thought they were joking. Ha ha.

To naïve me, “Yankee” was a term that died out 100 years earlier, when the South assimilated back into the Union. It was ancient history.

Over the coming years in Texas, I came to understand that the “us vs. them” worldview that rocked the country in the 1860s was very much alive and well in the 1980s South.

This makes me wonder about post-election America in 2020. Will “Trumpers” become the new “Yankees,” embodying a toxic cultural division that haunts us for a century or more?





I am confused. Was the alligator trimming trees, or was it the woman’s legs that were trimming trees?




Just a Thought 

Rather than give $1,200 stimulus checks to tens of millions of Americans so that they can pay the rent, why not give checks to older Americans and those with compromised immunity systems on the condition that they stay home, and let everyone else get back to work?

Hey, I’m an older American, so I’d have to stay home if they did this. But I think that beats the alternative.











Bayleigh Dayton got the boot from the Big Brother house this week. Bayleigh is emphatically not underage, but she is emphatically a girl.



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