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“Congress wants to bail out Puerto Rico with Teresa’s retirement savings.” Center for Individual Freedom ad, pictured above


Cool.  Better Teresa than the rest of us.




For some reason, BuzzFeed unleashed this horror upon the world:








Either The Huffington Post is still looking for a few good proofreaders, or the term “red state” has been replaced by “orange country” in deference to Trump’s head.




grouchyeditor.com Kasich


John Kasich is like the lump of dog turd that you simply cannot dislodge from the bottom of your tennis shoe, no matter how much you shake, scrape, or jiggle.






If you’re looking for laughs, I recommend old episodes of Trigger Happy TV on YouTube. The creative genius behind this short-lived British series, Dom Joly (above), must be related to the knuckleheads on TruTV’s Impractical Jokers.  Click here to visit the YouTube page.




From time to time, The Grouch gets unsolicited requests to review low-budget movies. Sometimes the publicist making the request looks like this:




. Lauren2 Lauren3 Lauren4

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Review your movie? Sure, Lauren, we’ll review your movie. Just as soon as we finish reviewing you.






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