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Seems like it would be a lot cheaper if they just rebuilt Notre Dame in Las Vegas.


Also on the glass-half-full front: Maybe now young people will learn who Quasimodo was.




Random Gripes and Observations


Words that are bastardized, but we’re afraid it’s a lost cause to fight for them:


a) Often vs. oftentimes – Example: “I oftentimes complain about grammatical mistakes.”

Why does everyone insist on turning a perfectly fine two-syllable word into a clumsier three-syllable word? Also, stop using a hard “t” in “often.”


b) Using “their” instead of “its” – Example: “The FBI will update their Web site.”


c) The word “literally,” which Sean Hannity literally butchers on a nightly basis.


d) “The American people believe/want/say …”

The American people can’t agree on anything.





I don’t believe Cher was siding with Trump on immigration. Well, she was, but she had no clue that she was because Cher is an airhead.





As if Google wasn’t already a hateful company, now they it is ruining a classic Beatles song by overplaying it in commercials. Stop!




For once, we weren’t planning to publish any cheesecake pictures of a female celebrity in the “Weekly Review.” But then we heard about some NFL jock who is jealous about some model:



We don’t know who the hell “Zed” is, but judging from the pictures below, looks like Olivia has gotten “cozy” with other dudes.


No “tight end” jokes from us … although she certainly has one.





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