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Grading the Late-night Comics



Jimmy Fallon


What’s Good:  His monologues are sharp.


What’s Bad:  His guests are all fantastic! Their shows and movies and songs and books are the greatest!




Seth Meyers


What’s Good:  He’s still doing Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update,” and he’s still doing it well.


What’s Bad:  I can tolerate only so much of that girlish giggle.





Conan O’Brien


 What’s Good:  His monologues and ad-libs are clever.


What’s Bad:  He’s on TBS, so he gets stuck with C-level guests and I tend to forget that he’s on.





James Corden 


What’s Good:  His musical partner, Reggie Watts, is the best of the bunch.


What’s Bad:  He has Jimmy Fallon Disease, in that his head goes so far up his guests’ butts that you’re not sure where he’s gone.




Trevor Noah


 What’s Good:  I don’t know because I refuse to watch him.


What’s Bad:  He still hasn’t apologized for his Twitter diss of two-thirds of the country (those of us in “Flyover Land”), so I won’t apologize for ignoring his show.





Stephen Colbert 


What’s Good:  He has interesting guests … even some authors!


What’s Bad:  I don’t find him the least bit funny.





Jimmy Kimmel 


What’s Good:  He’s middle-of-the-road. Not bad, not great.


What’s Bad:  Time to dump that tired Matt Damon bit.






Here’s an unexpected Halloween treat: Starz is premiering Ash vs. Evil Dead today, and it doesn’t suck. In fact, the opening episode is downright entertaining.

As a bonus, for anyone wondering whatever happened to Dana DeLorenzo, frequent dancing partner for Craig Ferguson on his old late-night show (below, not dancing), she has a starring role.









“Back when I covered that Duke fake rape case, I had to go in a bunch of strip clubs, right? Because I was investigating this stripper. And one of the guys who managed the club told me, ‘I got the name for you, if you ever decide to come into the business.’ So the guy told me that I would be named Sugar.” — Megyn Kelly, explaining what no one asked her to explain.

It might, however, explain a thing or two about Megyn Kelly.


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