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“When flying over the middle of America the turbulence is so bad. It’s like all the ignorance is rising through the air.” — Trevor Noah tweet

“When flying over The Daily Show studio in New York City, the turbulence is so bad. It’s like all the bad jokes and low ratings are rising through the air.” — America’s Midwest





I feel the same way about hurricanes in Florida as I do about wildfires in California: They are not going to stop. If you are a resident of either state, either purchase hurricane/wildfire insurance or move somewhere safer.

Those of us who do not live in tropical paradises like Florida and California spend much of our lives envying residents of those states. If we are expected to bail you out every time disaster strikes, perhaps you should pay a luxury tax to less fortunate citizens stuck in “Flyoverland.”




TV Bad News


Three Reasons I Have No Desire to Watch Blonde:


1.  I understand it’s a real downer. I already knew Marilyn Monroe’s life was a downer. I don’t care to wallow in it.

2.  It’s 166 minutes long. Unless it’s Lawrence of Arabia, that’s too long for any movie, especially one that’s a downer.

3.  If I want to see Ana de Armas naked, that’s what the Internet is for. There are already tons of naked pics and videos of Ana de Armas, and they don’t last 166 minutes.


TV Good News


Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, and James Corden all gone or going? Now if they can just dump Kimmel and Colbert, I might start watching late-night talk shows again.




How to discuss your tiny penis with a young Filipino artist who has been commissioned to draw it:


First: If you are Rip van Dinkle, you send her uncensored pictures from the Smallest Penis in Brooklyn pageant. You include a full-frontal and a shot of a pageant judge measuring your manhood on stage.




Second:  You read the following questions and/or concerns that the girl, Kryanne Dane, has for you:



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If you still cling to the belief that our president and vice president actually run this country, listen to any (incoherent) speech by Kamala Harris, or watch Joe Biden in the (embarrassing) video above.

How could anyone vote for these idiots?




Netflix Nuggets


Girl from Nowhere — Thailand does Black Mirror, high-school version. I am liking the show so far, although I fear the evil-girl-laughing-manically thing might get old, sooner rather than later.


This notification I received from Netflix (below) seems to say something disturbing about my taste in TV shows. Sociopathic villains, anyone?







If you dig smart girls, movies, and cleavage, I highly recommend Deepfocuslens on YouTube.

Bonus: She is young, but she actually reviews old movies!




Blast From the Past




Anyone else remember Kathrine Baumann, 1970’s Miss America runner-up turned Hollywood starlet? Here she is in publicity photos, letting us know that she left her panties at home.




Last, and certainly least, Grouchy Editor contributor Rip van Dinkle is the subject of a new illustration by artist Kryanne Dane. We thought it might be interesting to take a look at the evolution of the project. Pictured below are two preliminary sketches.

Somewhat surprisingly, we are less impressed by his small penis than by his prominent beer gut.




We’ll post the final illustration when it’s complete. 


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Dance of the Jocks


In my drinking days, I would often find myself at parties in someone’s garage or backyard, standing amidst a huddle of straight guys near a keg. Because my powers of observation are akin to those of Sherlock Holmes, I would notice a little “dance” that these dudes would invariably perform — particularly if they were jocks, past or present. It was if they had crapped their pants and were hoping to shake the nasty stuff out the bottom of their pant-legs.

I thought of this on Sunday when I tuned in to the NFL pre-game show on Fox, in which the show’s hosts — all of them ex-jocks of one sort or another — did the same dance I observed at those long-ago keg parties (see video above). But why?

I suspect that, although most of the Fox men are closer, age-wise, to rocking chairs than to football fields, they were signaling to the world that they had lost no youthful virility. Just say the word, and they were all ready to carry that ball over the goal-line.

I also suspect that, during commercial breaks, the aging jocks stop their macho dance and stagger for relief from nearby oxygen tanks.




Miscellaneous Gripes


I didn’t think it was possible to have a so-called “Republican” worse than Lindsey Graham, who seems hell-bent on sabotaging his own party in the November elections. But I’d forgotten about this guy:



Graham and Mitch McConnell are both happy to sell out to the globalists/Democrats/Chinese — just so long as they get to keep their own cushy seats at the elites’ table.





I still enjoy a good TV show. But I can no longer stand most of the people who make them. And so, I no longer tune in to watch actors and other Hollywood morons as they pat themselves on the backs at awards shows. 

According to the sinking ratings for the Emmys, looks like I have lots of company.






We’re finding out just how “compassionate” these liberals are, aren’t we? It’s a perfect example of “Not in My Backyard!”





If you’re one of those people who “can’t stand politics” because you’re bored by it or don’t think your actions — or lack of actions — make any difference, then you are chiefly responsible for the demise of America.

This weaponization of law enforcement (and the media) is beyond awful.



Hollywood Nutjobs




Coming tomorrow, a new Tale From The Grouch — “Ted’s Head.”



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Here’s the thing: I liked Downton Abbey. I think Helen Mirren’s The Queen is a superb movie. If I was pressed to name my favorite (current) TV series, I might say The Crown.

I am, you could safely say, a confirmed Anglophile — when it comes to fiction.

Here’s the rub: I think the British monarchy, circa 2022, is a joke.

Now that England is crowning King Charles the Tampon, it might be a good time to dispense with it.




I usually get sick to death of trendy cliches, like “sick to death.” But for some odd reason, I’m still a bit tickled by “across the pond.”




Speaking of jokes, is there a bigger one than this woman?



She must be setting back the agenda of lesbian black women by a good 20 years.

Nah, that’s just dreaming on my part. They probably love her.




Why I could never be King of England: I post naughty pictures on the Internet.

Why Queen Elizabeth was such a success: She’d never pose for naughty pictures.


Then again, there was that whole Charles-wants-to-be-a-tampon thing.




I keep stumbling on pictures of naked girls who look strikingly like women I once knew. Or is it really them?

Either I need to stop surfing porn sites … or I need to do it more often.

Here are the two gals I am referring to, with blurred faces. If you really must see their unblurred, uncensored nude pictures, click on this link. And shame on you.




In case you missed it last month, here are more views of the Minnesota Hmong girl (above, giving the camera a come-hither — cum-hither? — look over her shoulder). And here is another. Unless they are fake. In which case, never mind.


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Joe Biden’s “gates of hell” speech (above) drew comparisons to Hitler. I was more reminded of this guy:





“The Right Side of History”


We hear that term a lot. The left seems to place the concept in high regard. But it’s a “problematic” expression. If we are to believe progressives, much of 20th-century history as described in history books is bogus. America was more racist and sexist than a shining beacon to the world, they say.

What happens if the left wins the current culture war? Will future, left-leaning historians (remember, history is written by the winners) be less bogus than the old historians? If they are just as biased, then why should anyone believe them?

Who died and made historians god? Aren’t they mere humans?

If you don’t believe in an afterlife (like much of the left), what difference does it make to you whether you land on the “right side” of history or the “wrong side”? You won’t be around to celebrate or hang your head in shame, either way.




Random Butts


Running a Web site can be grueling work. The research involved can be quite the ordeal. However, we all need distractions from the upcoming civil war. And so, we at The Grouchy Editor persevere. The result of our labor is below, our butts of the week:



1) Fresno news anchor Caroline Collins. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: How come my local news anchors don’t post Instagram photos and videos that expose their asses?




We Google-searched Caroline to see if she’d posted any hot new pics, and were surprised to see this on the search page:



When Caroline Googles herself (because you just know that she does), is she as surprised as we were to see that is a bigger Caroline booster than is Facebook? Click below for her butt-baring video.






2) Sus Wilkins in Netflix’s Loving Adults. A pox on Netflix, which has software preventing the average creep from making screen captures. And a double pox on Web sites like Mr. Skin, which have thus far failed to post pictures of Danish cutie Sus Wilkins’s (above) nude scenes in the movie. We had to use primitive means to get the pictures below — a tablet camera photographing a TV screen. Apologies for the poor quality. We do not apologize for the content.



Here’s a better shot of Sus, from Yes No Maybe:



Last and certainly least, our site “editor” is recommending that we post a link to The Grouchy Editor at least twice in every post. So there. We did it.


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Not sure if that’s a typo, or if Fox was describing Nancy Pelosi’s arrival at the scene of her husband’s drunk-driving accident.





TV Tidbits



Fans carped about the final episode of The Sopranos, and of Lost, and a lot of viewers didn’t care for the last season of Game of Thrones. I didn’t watch any of those shows (I know, I know), but their lackluster finales were big TV news.

Thus, I suppose I should have expected the kind of endings we got this year for Ozark, Better Call Saul, and Peaky Blinders.


Better Call Saul


Peaky Blinders


It’s not that the swan songs of those otherwise excellent series were exactly “bad” — they just weren’t particularly satisfying or memorable.

It’s tough to stick the landing, even for the best of shows.




Two promising foreign shows on Netflix that I am watching:

Kleo, from Germany, which seems to be channeling Killing Eve.

A Model Family, from South Korea, which seems to be channeling Breaking Bad.

Best adjective to describe Kleo — tongue-in-cheek. Best adjective to describe Family — tense.





So, what does it mean when your post receives just one reply in ten hours?





I suspect that Big Brother icon Janelle Pierzina has been checking out the eye candy on this season’s edition (see below) and decided to remind everyone why she is, in fact, a Big Brother icon. Hence, her new “OnlyFans” page. According to bigbrothernsfw:


“This is actually pretty shocking to us, and for a couple of reasons. First off, yes Janelle did pose nude in Playboy many years ago, but after getting married and having kids, we thought the days of Janelle taking her clothes off were over.

While some say, ‘but we’ve already seen Janelle nude,’ to us, seeing Janelle naked back in the day was a different experience than seeing the current 42-year-old mom of 3 Janelle taking it all off. So far Janelle is already going topless on her OnlyFans and is opening a VIP section for even more and possibly even customs!”


Just in case you need a reminder, here are some of Janelle’s full-frontal (and rear) shots from her Playboy days. (We always remind you to click on pics for a larger view; trust us, this time you’ll be glad you did.)



Most of the eye candy on this season’s Big Brother has come courtesy of Taylor Hale and Alyssa Snider. Like these screen caps from the live feeds:


Taylor wakes up. So do we.


Oblivious males by the pool. Not-so-oblivious CBS cameraman.


Taylor lays claim to best butt in the house. Below, Alyssa’s cellulite bumps her to second place.


Alyssa fights back with a brief full-frontal reveal.


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We took a week off and, mentally, we are still on vacation. Looking at the news yesterday, it seemed clear that nothing has changed in our absence.

(Correction: things have changed. They’ve gotten worse. They get worse every week.)

All our institutions are corrupt — at least at the top (looking at you, FBI). All our leaders are greedy, cowardly sellouts.

If there’s going to be a civil war, I wish someone would explain how it will work. There is no Mason-Dixon Line this time. It will be blue Chicago vs. red outstate Illinois and blue Los Angeles vs. red outstate California. Neighbor vs. neighbor. That sounds like fun.


After a week’s break from Twitter and other nightmares, the only way to stick our feet back into the “Weekly Review’s” filth-filled waters is to ignore politics and — you guessed it — instead, concentrate on something that matters: the female ass.

Maybe it’s just us, (who am I kidding? “Us” didn’t write this post; “I” did.) butt I’m a little tired of the proliferation of muscular female derrieres in pop culture. Give me a little flab, 1980s style, on a girl’s backside. Like this (click on any picture on this page for a bigger view):


Above, that’s an actress named Stephanie Ann Smith in a movie called Under Lock and Key. No Peloton bike for that ass, but it doesn’t need one.


Or this:


Camille Chen, pictured above, top to bottom, in Californication (also below), Hallow’s End, and Barbershop, has the right idea. A little more flab, a little less muscle. The guy below certainly appreciates Camille’s ass:







I’ve been watching a mediocre Brazilian sitcom on Netflix because, apparently, that’s what I do these days. Unsuspicious is a slapstick-heavy, unsubtle spoof of murder mysteries. But I noticed an actress-babe named Fernanda Paes Leme (above) and I thought: This is quite the hot 39-year-old actress-babe.

Turns out Leme was in Brazil’s Playboy, circa 2005. And she still looks super-hot today. Without further ado, here she is from Playboy:



Last but not least, here is some regular chick who apparently decided that a wet t-shirt contest wasn’t revealing enough:


She looks to me like the girl next door who had a bit too much to drink. Maybe a lot too much to drink.





If you don’t recognize the old-time movie star pictured above, there’s a good reason for that. You can see his teeth.

For some reason that escapes me now, I Googled “Rex Harrison” images, and I noticed something peculiar. Out of hundreds of results, this was the only picture I could find in which Rex shows his teeth.

Strange. But now you know.




Coming tomorrow: a new Tale From the Grouch called “Cold-Hearted Bastard.”



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Brittney Whiner


If nothing else, maybe this will knock some sense into the heads of other young Americans who are free to trash their own country, yet somehow believe the rest of the world is more enlightened (i.e., “woke”).

But I wouldn’t bet on it.


Here is Griner posing for ESPN in happier times:






And they said Trump was controlled by Russia.








I hope this isn’t a trend. I can just imagine dozens of directors looking back at their work, fretting that much of it isn’t woke enough for 2022, and then going back to censor/alter classic scenes.

We will no longer see Bogart smoking cigarettes, Jane Fonda in her nude scenes, nor anything else that appeals to misogynistic dinosaurs like me.





Last week’s post got about twice the number of hits as usual. Could it be because of this girl with the delicious tits?

I suspect a couple of these pics might be fake, or at least retouched, but certainly not all of them. Click on thumbnails to see a larger view:



.                                          pv nude


This is the kind of thing that happens when you are a child of the 1970s. That would be me in the picture above, fantasizing. Then you grow up and some girl obliges with pictures of the real thing and, well ….

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.


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Last week I (sort of) promised a tutorial on the Web sites OnlyFans and JustForFans, because I thought you might find the subject educational.

I am much too lazy to deliver information on both sites, and so I chose JustForFans, mostly because the girl on the page I saw looks disturbingly — or delightfully, depending on your perspective — like a girl I once knew.

However, unlike the girl on the JustForFans site, the Hmong girl I knew was bright and wholesome and fun. The girl on this adult site is … well, “fun,” I suppose. See for yourself (click on pictures for full view):



Because I am an old fart, I had to do further research on some of the terminology and emojis on “Priya’s” page, just to make sense of it. This is what I learned:

First: If you click on the circle in the picture above, you will find that it’s a GIF, or short movie. Clicking means you will get to see the girl rubbing her lady parts through skimpy panties. Apparently in “my bed.” Here is the GIF:



Second: Since she states that followers are entitled to completely naked photos and videos, presumably they will see the above GIF, sans underwear. This girl, by the way, looks to be about 19 or 20. With big tits.


Third: According to the text, some lucky dude (or dudes) who was with her recently used his eggplant to shoot lots of water droplets into the girl. The water-droplets emoji appears numerous times, so I guess there were an awful lot of fluid shots “that morning.”




Fourth: The girl seems quite eager to share “my completely naked and erotic photos and videos” with any male — provided he is willing to pay for the privilege. Or, as the page says, “SO CUM AND PLAY!” From the sound of things, if men are willing to pay enough, they might get to share more than pictures and videos. Who’s to say?



Fifth: She certainly has a “fuck me” look about her, doesn’t she?

Sixth: Purely for research purposes, I tried to become a follower. Within a day or two, this led to cancellation of my credit card — and no pictures or videos. Let that be a lesson to you.





Seventh: Sadly, when I went back to check the page, it had been taken down. No idea why. Happily, I made screen captures before the page vanished. Also, there was a link between the JustForFans page and an Instagram page. From a few online pages, I was able to capture more pictures. Some of which I am sharing here. For educational purposes.



Now you know all you need to know about JustForFans.

Last and certainly least, we asked Rip van Dinkle to comment. He said the girl looked familiar to him. He thought she might have been in the crowd at the Smallest Penis in Brooklyn pageant:



Nice to know she doesn’t discriminate against tiny ones.


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