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Would I vote for him for president? Not likely. He seems emotionally unstable, like a thin-skinned rich kid who holds grudges and allows anger to cloud his judgment. I don’t want that kid anywhere near “the button.”

Am I glad he’s in the race? Oh hell, yeah. He’s a breath of fresh air — or more accurately, a blast of foul wind — forcing the political and media elite to run for cover. Beltway blowhards are too fat, smug, and happy, and Trump has them jumping.






I tried to make it through a single episode of WAGS on E!, but I lacked the intestinal fortitude. I could try to describe just how putrid this reality show about pro jocks’ wives and girlfriends (“WAGS” – get it?) truly is, but frankly, I don’t want to think about it anymore.

If you must read a review, here’s a good one at The Daily Beast.


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