Daily Archives: August 15, 2015



TV Update


I’ve only seen the premiere episode, but Amazon’s romantic comedy Catastrophe (above) was anything but. I might have to subscribe to Amazon Instant Video just to watch the rest of this series and also because …

It might be time to dump Netflix.


Wet Hot


Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer (above) has a 91 percent “fresh” rating from the nation’s TV critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Having suffered through three episodes of this lame, juvenile series, I’ve lost all respect for 91 percent of the nation’s TV critics — and for Netflix.


Rectify just concluded its third season on SundanceTV. Rectify gets abysmal ratings. No one watches it. But if there is one show I’d recommend to a hungry binge-watcher, it’s Rectify.




When I was a kid, I was hooked on Creepy magazine, which featured the most morbid-looking adults imaginable. Below, four Creepy characters and one NFL quarterback. Can you spot Tom Brady?










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