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Every father’s nightmare: Your little girl grows up and wants to play football, like Arizona coach Jen Welter, number 47 above … and then some hulking defensive end sees the opportunity to vise-squeeze her ass.


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I’m sorry, Jimmy, but your crying jag over this was downright embarrassing.






Let me say a few negative things about the soon-to-depart Jon Stewart. I’m Negative Nancy not because I disagree with Stewart’s politics (mostly, I agree with him), but because I’ve never found him especially amusing, and I think his influence, though substantial, is mostly confined to the Beltway.

In 2004, I knew next to nothing about Stewart, and so I bought his book, Naked Pictures of Famous People. Here are excerpts from my review: “Unlike contemporaries Dennis Miller and Bill Maher, Stewart’s brand of humor just doesn’t seem to translate well to the printed page. The humor all too often falls flat … the essays … seem more like childish temper tantrums than genuine displays of wit.”

Presumably, Stewart wrote his own book. Presumably, he has a team of writers at Comedy Central. Even so, The Daily Show has never had impressive ratings. Politicians and media types dig it because politicians and media types enjoy watching themselves on TV – even if what they hear is negative.






I’m confused — is this something that we should be alarmed about?






Want to work for Fox News? Follow Jedediah Bila’s example and put pictures like these on your application.




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