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Into the Night


What to Watch


Into the Night

Like most disaster epics – especially those with elements of science fiction – Into the Night has its share of silly moments. The plot concerns a handful of airplane passengers who find themselves in a race around the globe to stay one step ahead of the rising sun because, well ….

I have no idea how realistic any of this is, because I’m no expert on solar flares, aviation, solar poles, or people in Europe who speak multiple languages. But I do know that this six-part series is fast-paced fun, and the screenplay manages to dodge many WTF moments by not insulting our intelligence – too much.



Win the Wilderness: Alaska

Unlike most reality shows, on this one the contestants seem real and they aren’t encouraged to connive, conspire, and showboat for the camera (with one butt-baring exception; see below). The competing couples are quite watchable because the show’s premise is so unusual: Who wants to win not cash but rather a completely new way of life?

An elderly couple (a rather odd pair, in my opinion), Duane and Rena Ose (that’s Duane pictured above), sit in judgment of the plucky Brits, one pair of which must outdo the others in proving their wilderness mettle to win possession of the retiring Oses’ homestead.

The Oses are weird, but the scenery is spectacular and the show’s lack of backbiting and snark is refreshing.



At one point, contestant Tina Perkins (above) gets separated from her boyfriend. The showrunners seized the opportunity to capture some Tina butt cheeks:



We’re guessing the producers were inspired by Tina’s Instagram posts:





Virus Musings



It occurs to me that the whole country has been playing Big Brother (above) for two months.


Why can’t all of this food that was previously going to restaurants simply be rerouted to grocery stores? Don’t people eat the same amount of food, no matter where they get it?


Not sure I understand the “science” behind reports that everyone over the age of 65 is at special risk from the Chinese virus. Is someone who is 64 worry-free? Is 63 somehow safer than 65? Why is 65 the magic number? (Asking for a friend.)


People are people, and it’s unrealistic to expect billions of them to maintain social distancing indefinitely. It’s just not going to happen.


I suppose now that airlines are forced to increase space between passengers, they will compensate by making seats even smaller.




I don’t want to give them any ideas, but how is it that the social justice warriors haven’t gone after Nutrisystem for Men and A Place for Mom? Doesn’t one discriminate against women and the other against dads?




One reason I can’t watch this show anymore:





This week’s misandry brought to you courtesy of Politico:






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