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Invasion of the Cute Girls


Please read these headlines and decide what they have in common:






It seems that we, as a society, are making a horrible mistake.

We are so angry at the (mostly) rich, straight, white men in charge of things that we’ve decided to hand power to their polar opposites: young cute girls.

At the risk of sounding misogynistic (nothing new, in my case), I declare that the worst social justice warriors — cancel-culture perps, Me Too whiners, and all-around clueless menaces to society — are the cute girls. We’ve foolishly granted them too much power and they are simply incapable of using it judiciously. 

This is what AOC hath wrought.


Or maybe it’s what the cute, kidnapped girls hath wrought. Whenever some cheerleader in Nebraska gets abducted, it’s a media bonanza. We can’t get enough of the young cute girls. No wonder Meghan Markle wants to run for president.

I’m not being sexist when I complain about cute-girl power. I don’t want a 20-something male running society, either. And it’s not a liberal-conservative thing. Tomi Lahren and some of her Fox cohorts certainly give off a dumb-blonde vibe.

But these girls are young, and young (usually) means stupid.

It’s like what the proverb says about children: They should be seen and not heard. Most of them, anyway.





Joe Biden falling up the stairs: We’re supposed to “feel sorry” for him?

Nah. Considering the strong possibility that this geezer sold out his country to China, fondled underage girls, and is now turning North America into South America version two, it seems to me Biden’s fortunate to be falling on stairs rather than being told to bend over by some Bubba in cellblock six.





We checked with Rip van Dinkle regarding this story, and he said he did not understand the problem.








That does it.

I don’t want Trump back as president. I want John Wayne back as president.

Even though his real name was Marion.





Netflix recommendation: Masum. This miniseries from Turkey, of all places, can be a challenge to follow, what with its frequent time shifts, plot surprises and, of course, subtitles. But it’s juicy-good fun.


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