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The problem with “journalists”


Journalists occupy the same public sphere as politicians (elected) and lawyers (not elected, but they do have to deal with that whole bar-exam thing). Journalists are not elected, nor are they tested. Hell, they don’t even have to have a journalism degree. And yet they are handed, as a group, enormous power.

These young journalists are indoctrinated into “wokeness” by colleges. There are hundreds of Web sites that hire them for peanuts. Their woke articles generate outrage, which generates views and ads.

Rank-and-file print reporters earn very little, are usually in their 20s and new to the ways of the world. But the stories your favorite TV news anchor presents are often lifted from what the print journalist provides.


Once upon a time, I was a print journalist.

Back when they weren’t so awful.





I’m no fan of Britain’s monarchy, but after watching Ginger Boy and his Pampered Princess do their whiny thing with the queen of smarm, Oprah Winfrey, I’m supporting Team Elizabeth.




I used to believe that many conservative accusations about the left — they don’t like America, they want open borders, they want to take your guns away — were hyperbole. Not so much anymore.

Seems that many rich, white liberals/progressives/Democrats are battling twin demons: self-loathing, and the fear of not-so-rich progressives brandishing pitchforks.

Their only hope? Divert those pitchforks toward “evil white supremacists,” i.e., Trump supporters.





I watched a Colombian movie called Dogwashers on Netflix. It was no masterpiece. But I fear films like this one are an endangered species.

The movie, about a gang of lowly thugs and the unfortunate souls in their orbit, feels genuine. It was like eavesdropping on real people.

The filmmakers do not seem bent on pleasing Netflix and its global audience. There are no Hollywood special effects. I didn’t hear American rap music.

Dogwashers is gloriously photographed and the people are intriguing — even when they are just sitting around. Doing nothing. I liked that.



OK, there is one obvious Hollywood influence on Dogwashers. In the time-honored tradition of male-gazing Tinsel Town, starlet Lina Vanessa Nieto’s glorious T&A are on display for no apparent plot-related reason. Which is reason enough for me.






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And this from resident gadfly Rip van Dinkle:






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