The Weekly Review: January 27 – February 2

From the Department of “God I Am Getting Old”


This post appeared on my Twitter feed:



I had no idea of what an “incel” is, so I had to look it up. Then, I had no idea what a “dogpill” is, so I had to look that up.

Sadly, now I know.


It’s all further evidence that Western civilization is about to collapse. I first became aware of this when I learned that Oscar winner Jennifer Connelly made a movie in which some dude cums on her face.


Jennifer Connelly making a splash


Additional evidence came when my buddy at YouTube’s Horrible Reviews devoted an entire segment to a filmmaker who makes poop movies.

I oppose censorship, but it would be nice if more of us would vote with our remotes or delete buttons, so we could start seeing a bit less of this (literal) shit.





“You’re just there to report on the corn-hole competition.” – Leland Vittert to cute co-anchor Kristin Fisher (above) on Fox News. Here’s the video:



Corn hole … corn hole?



Where had I heard that word? Oh, yeah. This movie:






OK, the bonehead governor of Virginia should probably go. But here’s a question for Democrats:

You do realize, don’t you, that if you continue to hammer every public figure for every crime and misdemeanor committed in high school, college, or kindergarten, the only people left to vote for will be spotless gems like Mitt Romney and Mike Pence?








Actress Andree Maranda gets corn holed by some black dude in The Toxic Avenger


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