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I’ve decided that there is every likelihood that by the end of 2020, the United States will indeed have a border wall stretching from sea to shining sea.

I now believe this will happen because no one in Washington – including Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell — seems to actually want a wall. And if you take into account the general lack of competence in our politicians, it’s only logical that we’ll wind up with something that none of them really wants.





I finally saw Happy Death Day on my television set.  The 2017 horror-comedy was a hit and has a sequel now in theaters. As a horror movie, it’s pretty generic. As a romantic comedy, it’s just so-so. But there’s no denying the star-power of Jessica Rothe, pictured above, who’s a comic delight.




Jerk-Off Fantasy of the Week:


(Click on photo for, uh, closer examination of 29-year-old Lorrae)


Get your boners on, boys; that’s an inviting, pumpable ass. It comes courtesy of Slutty Girl Problems founder and publisher Lorrae Bradbury, and it confirms my theory that, much like the powerful male CEO who privately likes to be whipped by a dominatrix, women who gain power have a secret desire to let men bend them over a table, pecker-poke them in the rear, and plant their seed.

That’s just a hunch. But why else would you advertise like this?


Bradbury also has boobs





“Jussie Smollett has now reportedly hired a high-priced defense lawyer.” – Jonathan Hunt on Fox News

Question: Do celebrities ever hire a low-priced defense lawyer?


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