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T & A in the News


I’m sure there’s nothing intentionally smarmy about this voice-over for Tomi Lahren’s new show on Fox:


“Tomi heads to the border for an up-close and personal look at

“It’s a revealing five-part series.”



That’s an up-close and personal look, alright. Also, is it really that cold on the border?






Fox never seems to run out of new T&A talent. Someone named Abby is hosting stuff on their streaming service. Abby is apparently qualified to do journalism because she played volleyball and her dad is a famous basketball coach.



We tried to find pictures of Abby’s butt, which must exist because she played volleyball, but we got tired of searching.

So instead, please enjoy these pictures of Fox’s Anna Kooiman from her Web site:


© Lyndon Marceau / marceauphotography

© Lyndon Marceau / marceauphotography






Celebrity Big Brother contestant Natalie Eva Marie (above) got the boot on last night’s episode. She has often mentioned her real brothers on the CBS show.

I hope for the boys’ sake that they aren’t hormonal teenagers, because this image of their sister could mess them up for life:


grouchyeditor.com Eva Marie




What with our minus-30-degree cold spells, we have a bad enough reputation here in Minnesota without the likes of this guy making the news:





The news just gets more and more depressing:



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