The Weekly Review: October 7 – 13



I give up trying to gauge the impact of these presidential debates.  Back in the 2000s, I thought I watched as tongue-tied George Bush got his lunch handed to him in debates, but look how that turned out.




Mockingbird Lane - Season Pilot


This is a publicity shot from NBC’s upcoming reboot of The Munsters, something they are calling Mockingbird Lane.  That’s “Herman” on the left.  What is wrong with this picture?  If you’re going to redo The Munsters, Herman must, must look like Frankenstein’s monster.  Herman Munster without makeup is like Lily without sex appeal — sacrilege.




I’m bored.  The presidential election is just weeks away, the baseball playoffs are in full swing, Argo is opening in cinemas, and my reaction to our national frenzy is … I want to take a nap.

I need more excitement in my personal life.  I need to discover that my upstairs neighbor is preparing stew — with human body parts.   I need to look out my front window and behold two twisters lowering themselves to the ground, their sights set on my apartment complex.  I need Kristen Stewart to stop playing games with me and declare her undying love.

I need a cold shower.






Apparently, this man has no balls.




Meanwhile, on Survivor ….




 Later, more cheeky fun on Survivor ….




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