The Weekly Review: October 27 – November 2



I guess it’s time to have my ears examined.  I keep hearing the most alarming things on cable news channels …


What I heard:  “I’m a C cup, and this is CNN.”




What she actually said:  “I’m S.E. Cupp, and this is CNN.”




What I heard: “His book is — it’s even worse than it looks.” — MSNBC’s Alex Wagner.


What she actually said:  “His book is: It’s Even Worse than It Looks.”






The Huffington Post is still looking for a few good proofreaders.






I haven’t been keeping up with the Kardashians lately, so I  watched an episode.  When I tuned in, the charming sisters were trying to decide which of their vaginas smelled the worst.

If Muslim extremists ever conquer the United States, or if the poor finally revolt and imprison the rich, I will happily volunteer to join the firing squad when this awful family is lined up.




Promo of the Week

“There are no frills; just a round oak table and intelligent discussion as Rose engages newsmakers.” — Comcast’s description of Charlie Rose.  Makes me want to watch — how about you?






Melissa Harris-Perry interviewed the survivor of a horrible accident in which, evidently, the car’s headrest became fused to the man’s neck.



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