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One of the blowhards on Fox’s The Five said he planned to see the new Top Gun flick this weekend because it’s a “patriotic” thing to do.

Not so sure about that.

Apparently, the film’s producer in 2019 altered a uniform patch (above) depicting the Japanese and Taiwanese flags so as not to offend its good friends in China — but then backed down due to public backlash.

But is it “patriotic” to support these clowns in Hollywood — flags or no flags?




So, we have yet another school massacre.

What do a lot of these young assassins have in common?

Answer: Either no father at home or a bad father at home.




The media keep referring to Uvalde as a “small town.” Bullshit.

I was raised in a village with a population of 1,300. In other words, it was an actual small town.

Uvalde, population 15,217, is a “town.”

Get it right, city slickers.




Too many people seem to assume that towns — including small towns — have access to the same kinds of resources and personnel that city folk have.

They do not.




I have little interest in the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial. I do, however, still like Amber’s ass:



Sadly, apparently Amber thinks of Johnny in the sack like this:



Also sadly, Johnny probably thinks of Amber in the sack like this:



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