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Think what you will about teen girls, but sometimes they contribute the perfect phrase to express a societal ill. I am thinking of “Whatever!” and I am thinking of


“I Can’t Even!”


I’m no gun nut. I have no plans to ever get a firearm.

But from looking at what’s transpiring north of the border with the pretty-boy tyrant — not to mention Governments-Gone-Wild in China, Europe, and Down Under — well, I am now, reluctantly, on the side of the gun nuts.

Because the gun nuts are nowhere near as crazy as the political nuts leading our countries.

American citizens could very well need firearms to avoid getting locked up in our own houses. I listen to Canada’s Trudeau and I think, I can’t even.





The following paragraph was buried at the end of a story by Fox’s Dennis Brady, who was covering the World Economic Forum in Davos. I read it and could not believe my eyes.



Is it possible that even the elites are beginning to recognize the folly of their “global reset”? I can’t even.





Recently, I lamented that all my favorite TV shows are going away. But then I noticed that Borgen was returning to Netflix after a nine-year hiatus. I’ve only seen the first two episodes, but so far the show is, as usual, smart and well-written.

But there are “woke” alarm bells sounding. Global warming is a major theme, and so is you-go-girl feminism. The male characters are either soft-in-the-head liberals or evil conservatives. If this keeps up, well, I can’t even.




Rip van Dinkle was pleased to see that writer EJ Dickson, who covered uncovered Rip in the Smallest Penis in Brooklyn pageant, is still stirring the pot — this time with a story for Rolling Stone:






“Toxic femininity.”  Has a nice ring to it.


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