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I never expected to say this, but after watching her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show (above), I’m glad Roseanne is back.




TV Updates



Top: Counterpart; below: The Alienist


Counterpart and The Alienist are wrapping up their rookie seasons. Back in January, I thought Counterpart was the more likely keeper. But now …

I much prefer The Alienist. Counterpart is the more “intelligent” show, but it has a complicated plot, is awfully talky, and takes itself oh-so-seriously. The characters aren’t particularly likeable, and it’s not as much fun as it ought to be.

The Alienist has likeable characters, a simple plot, doesn’t take itself so seriously … and is a lot more fun.





Awhile back I made fun of Steve Hilton’s less-than-polished delivery, but I wouldn’t make fun of his message. Expatriate Steve looks around D.C. and sees The Swamp everywhere – Republican and Democrat – and I’m afraid he’s right. Evidently, anyone who has money and power in this country is corrupt.

So keep up the great work, Steve — at least until we find out that you just got a big raise and now you’re corrupt, too.




How to convince everyone that you’re one smart cookie:


When the conversation lags, just say this – “If there’s one thing the market hates, it’s uncertainty.”






Burt Reynolds is an American treasure. He made the talk-show rounds and was equal parts charming and nuts. Like in this clip.


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