Daily Archives: March 10, 2018


Is there a more pretentious expression than “Who are you wearing”?




I have a question for the “Time’s Up” and “#MeToo” people: What about women who deliberately use sex or sleep their way into plum movie roles or juicy job promotions? Do they get a free pass?




Peak TV


There are too damn many shows. I will watch a police drama and then not recall if the bad guy did something in the show I am watching, or if it was another bad guy in another police drama I’ve been watching.


There are too damn many shows. I forget about some of them. I will kind of enjoy season one of a show, then it will return a year later and I’ll forget that it’s still on.




Quote of the Week


“This is a typical case.” – some lawyer on Fox News discussing the porn star who is suing the president of the United States


The sad thing is, I didn’t even blink when I heard this.





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