The Weekly Review: July 9 – 15


“Out-of-Context” Week


The problem with Internet video software is that it encourages one’s inner 12-year-old. It’s much too easy to create short, childish, out-of-context videos that make your TV targets look bad.

We did it anyway.


Local news anchors Chris and Liz were sent to the lake, where Liz shared Too Much Information:


Far be it from us to imply that Chris and Liz’s bare-bottomed escapades were anything other than, uh, innocent.


Meanwhile, conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren revealed on Fox News what her enemies would like to do:



I suppose you could call the above videos “fake news.”


Fortunately, the world is full of real news, such as this gem courtesy of The A.V. Club.




Every day we learn that more and more people attended that controversial meeting between Donald Trump, Jr. and a Russian lawyer.


At this rate, in a month we will discover that the meeting was actually a televised congressional hearing open to the public and media.


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