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Somewhat Confused Edition*



Seth Meyers, above right with guest Anderson Cooper, talks about sports a lot on his late-night show.  Seth Meyers mentions his wife a lot, too.  But … Seth Meyers is gay, right?  Right?








Rest in peace, Andy Rooney.  Rooney passed away Sunday at age 93.  Funny what you learn about people after they’re gone.  For example, I had no idea that 60 Minutes mainstay Rooney was a former Hollywood star and, on top of that, I actually thought he had died some years ago.






The Huffington Post is still looking for a good proofreader.




CNN is running out of experts to interview about the missing Malaysian plane.  On Wednesday, Don Lemon turned to George Stephanopoulos, pictured below.  Wait ….





Two weeks ago we wrote about our waning interest in The Americans.  More skin might pique our interest, we said.  Someone at FX must have paid attention, because this week the show bombarded us with bare bums.  In the bottom picture, star Keri Russell moons the camera; in the top picture, guest star George Stephanopoulos prepares to slip between the sheets. 





*  We apologize for any factual errors in this weeks edition of the Review.  It was a perplexing news week and, like The Huffington Post, we are looking for a good proofreader.


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