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Craig Ferguson might seem to be David Letterman’s heir apparent at CBS, but I wouldn’t bet on it.  I like Ferguson because he’s an unabashed dirty old man who conducts interesting interviews and actually books an occasional (gasp!) author as a guest.  (Author:  someone who writes books.)

But Ferguson tends to hammer some bits to death (“You’re a racist, man!”) and, listening to his monologues, I sometimes forget what country I’m living in.  If anything remotely newsworthy occurs in Europe, Scottish-born Ferguson is sure to jump on it.  Despite his “It’s a great day for America!” he seems homesick.




Scarlett2 Scarlett 


Scarlett Johansson on her nude scenes in the new movie, Under the Skin“You assume it’s [the nudity] going to be a screenshot for someone.”

Strange society we live in.  Scarlett gets naked on the big screen for our entertainment, yet there’s a dude in prison for pilfering and posting naked selfies Scarlett shot in her bathroom (above).




Speaking of nudity, last week the Review featured a picture of naked Gwyneth Paltrow.  This week we’ve posted naked Scarlett Johansson selfies.  In the interest of fairness, this week we present a picture of naked George Bush, also a selfie.




“If you told me a high school senior had painted them, I would believe it.  Also, it was so strange to see a man who had seen the entire world paint himself alone in a bathroom in the bathtub naked.”

That was New York art critic Jerry Saltz on George Bush’s paintings.  In a stunning development, it turns out that Saltz intended those comments as praise.




CNN can’t find the damn plane.  CNN should hire this guy, who could always spot “da plane!”




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