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No, it’s not “Shark Week.”  Or maybe it is.  See below.






John Kerry (above) got in trouble for puttering aboard his yacht while Egypt burned.  That’s not what bothers me.  What bothers me is that Democrats are supposedly the party of environmentalism, and I’m curious about how much gas Kerry’s yacht guzzles, not to mention how much energy he and Teresa burn up in their mansions.






When early reviews gush that a movie is “fantastic,” “groundbreaking,” or “the best film of the year!,” it rarely is.  An example is 2010’s Inception, which fan boys and bloggers hailed as the next Citizen Kane.  It wasn’t.

On the other hand, there are movies like The Raven, a flick that bombed and was universally trashed by critics.   I saw it the other night and yes, it was silly and certainly no Oscar bait for John Cusack, who was oddly cast as Edgar Allan Poe (above), but it was a perfectly entertaining way to spend two hours.

In related news, although it’s not really related and it’s not really news, I am ashamed to admit that I missed the world premiere of SyFy’s instant classic,  Sharknado (pictures at top and bottom).   Luckily for me, there are always repeats.




ZacBrown       Robertson


Country music’s Zac Brown, above left, and Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson, above right.  How is this not the same person?






“I think they ought to make him a cop in Nigeria.” — Bob Beckel (above) on The Five, speculating about George Zimmerman’s future.




Local news station KTVU is taking heat for inadvertently broadcasting the “names” of the pilots of that ill-fated plane in San Francisco.  OK, I suppose it was a racist and insensitive prank, but it’s also funny as hell.








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