Daily Archives: July 27, 2013

These misbehaving politicians are reminding me of nature:


 Filner1      Filner2

                                Bob                                                                               Filner


Weiner4      Weiner5

                            Anthony                                                                         Weiner


Eliot Spitzer        Spitzer2

                                 Eliot                                                                           Spitzer


But spare me all of this sympathy for Anthony Weiner’s wife, Hubris.  Hubris stays with Anthony because Hubris likes power and Hubris likes fame.






Apparently some people are disappointed — secretly or not — that the little brat born this week “across the pond” is a boy brat, and not a girl brat.  Royal poop, whether in male or female diapers, is still just royal poop.




Geraldo Rivera tweeted a naked “selfie.”  Seems obvious to me that Geraldo noticed all of the media attention for Filner, Weiner, and the “Smallest Penis in Brooklyn” pageant and was overcome with envy.


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