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We Moved!


Our old homes – blog.grouchyeditor and blogsecond.grouchyeditor – no longer exist.  Go Daddy discontinued its Quick Blogcast service and so we have moved to WordPress.  Consequently, if you browse our archives pre-2013, you will notice formatting and design glitches.  We are diligently going back in time, fixing each entry, post by post.  This tedious process has reminded us, once again, why we are indeed grouchy editors.




Why I’m Glad Fox News Exists:

The “missing” IRS e-mails.  We regular folk are constantly reminded that we can’t ever really delete our e-mails, because some clever tech-type can always retrieve them.  And yet, Lois Lerner’s e-mails are gone forever?  Fox News is on the case.

Why I Wish Fox News Would Vanish:

The Iraq dilemma.  Dick Cheney and his hawkish pals lied their way into this Middle East quagmire, and now they are given a platform on Fox to whine about Obama’s failure to clean up their mess?




They are still looking for a few good proofreaders at The Huffington Post: 






From Reuters: “U.S. senators heavily criticized the marketing practices of e-cigarette companies on Wednesday, saying their use of glamorous models, celebrities and cartoon characters attracts children.”

If you are going to criticize companies for using models, celebrities, and cartoons in their ads, you might as well go ahead and just ban all advertising.




Lots of bad news this week, so let’s take a break from politics and look at Miley Cyrus’s ass.


Miley Cyrus In Concert - Brooklyn, NY



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