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Playboy used to run advertisements that asked the rhetorical question, “What sort of man reads Playboy?”  I was curious about “what sort of woman attends a small-penis pageant,” and so I visited the King’s County Bar’s Facebook page to see which women plan to giggle and ogle men with small peckers as they are measured for the ladies’ entertainment.  Here are a few of the wicked females who plan to attend:


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hmmmm … where do I sign up?




Right now there are just two shows I will go out of my way to watch – Fargo and Louie – and they both happen to be on FX.   FX is about to premiere a boatload of new series, and that makes me very happy.




Slender        Grace


Nancy Grace is upset with The Slender Man.  Now that’s a wrestling match I’d pay to watch.


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