The Weekly Review: June 11 – 17


The Squid Game Effect



I’ve watched the first two episodes of the latest season of Black Mirror (above), and I think … it’s a good show. That’s disappointing.

I say that because Black Mirror used to be a great show.

The problem, methinks, has its genesis in creator Charlie Brooker’s decision in 2016 to leave his British roots and find a new home with Netflix. In other words, Brooker’s Twilight Zone for the 2010s “went Hollywood.”

I think of this trend as “The Squid Game Effect.” Every country wants its own monster hit on Netflix, and so they favor global appeal over local flavor. In doing so, their shows lose charm and distinction.

Ten years ago, I’d watch something on Netflix from Argentina or France or South Korea and I’d love it. There were always parts of these shows that I could not understand, not because of the subtitles but because of my ignorance of foreign culture (this often involved scenes about local laws; why isn’t he allowed to call a lawyer?). But that was OK, because I was learning something new.

Now every country wants its own version of Money Heist. Something generic that everyone everywhere can relate to, all at the same time.

Maybe my attitude makes me a snob, or an anti-globalist. I don’t care. I miss the surprises and idiosyncracies of the old shows. And Black Mirror was better when it was strictly a product of Great Britain.





At this point, I don’t care anymore. It’s my team against your team, and your team is full of shit.





Speaking of teams … if you are a fan who supports pro baseball in general or the Dodgers specifically, you aren’t “part of the problem.” You are the problem.




More of the talent at Fox News needs to follow Tucker Carlson’s lead and walk out the network door (OK, Carlson was shown the door; whatever).

It’s not as if these talking heads, many of them millionaires, are going to wind up living in a cardboard box beneath the freeway.

Show some balls and move to Newsmax or Timcast or Twitter or wherever. Either that or initiate a revolt at the Murdoch channel.





“Lazy fucking grifters” — has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?





Someday, after he’s gone, we’ll find out just how dependent Stephen King was on good editors.

Especially grouchy editors.


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