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Culture Wars Victory Tally:


Bud Light, Target, Twitter — Red States Winning

Everything Else — Blue States Winning


Heavy sigh. This shit is going to go on for years.








Is this flying-saucer stuff some kind of orchestrated distraction so that we don’t pay more attention to the crap taking place in politics?

If it’s not just a distraction, then What The Fuck Is It?


Perhaps the visitors from another world are just looking for someplace new to live.

With New York Mayor Eric Adams suggesting that New Yorkers find room for illegal aliens in their homes, maybe the rest of us should think about housing the space aliens in our spare bedrooms. Just a thought.






Toronto pitcher Anthony Bass


If you are a celebrity and simply must weigh in with your political opinions, the worst thing you can do is waffle.

Bass is learning the hard way that trying to appease both sides will only make everyone dislike you.








If The New York Post persists in publishing stories like this one, about a cop who discovered that sex sells, then we feel duty-bound to publish at least one picture of her.

Even if, as in this shot, her butt looks enormous.




At this point, I don’t much care if Trump is “guilty” or “not guilty” of the charges in the indictments against him. Until Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, et al. are also facing charges, to me it’s all just election interference from the authoritarian left.


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