Daily Archives: February 25, 2023

I must be getting (more) lazy. Last week, I posted short “reviews” of the political clowns we see in the news.


This week, I’m posting short reviews of movies and TV shows I’ve been watching.


The good news: Unlike the aforementioned political clowns, most of these movies and TV shows are pretty decent.



Red Rose — A British miniseries aimed at, I guess, the young-adult demographic. The twisted plot reminded me of The Game. Or The Truman Show. Or Black Mirror: bad things happening to teenagers, thanks to modern technology.

I liked the kids and the premise, but the ending was less than satisfying. Grade: B+





Top Gun: Maverick — Read my review here.





The Strays — Based on the plot synopsis, I was expecting super-woke dreck. But after a slow start, this British thriller about the perils of trying to ditch your past becomes … interesting. To say the least. Grade: B+





M3GAN — It was … just OK. At heart it’s simply yet another evil doll movie. You know, like the “Chucky” franchise. Grade: B-



Next week — short reviews of my short reviews.





Speaking of “Zelinaky,” the Ukrainian pit bull is sounding more and more like he believes he is the de facto American president. He does not just want, but is entitled, to your tax dollars.





Apparently, “Libs of TikTok” are now leading our grand juries.


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