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Unfiltered Opinions


Hey, I don’t know any of these people personally. Maybe they just come off as awful human beings on TV. Their mothers probably love them. They might have pets. The following opinions are just my gut reactions to them.

There are more liberals than conservatives on this list because liberals are in power and are doing the most damage.  The scum:



Pete Buttigieg — a clueless, cowardly mother’s boy.


John Fetterman — a liar who gets depressed and then expects your sympathy.


Don Lemon — a narcissistic idiot who never had a “prime,” and never will.


Graham and McConnell — establishment hacks who have disdain for their constituents.


Kamala Harris — too stupid to have the job. Any job.


Biden — the biggest traitor in American history.


Joy Behar — a loud-mouthed fool.


Liberal “firsts” (gay, female, black, fill-in-the-blank) — setting back their individual “tribes” by being, in general, astoundingly incompetent.


Zelenskyy — this guy needs to negotiate with Putin, or find a new sugar daddy to fund his war.


Raquel Welch — an amazing piece of ass.


Teachers — always wanting more money but already have more than they deserve (and stop blaming your unions; you voted for them)


Greta Thunberg — a spoiled brat turned homicidal adult.



I could go on and on.


I also could be wrong.


But I doubt it.


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