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I must be getting (more) lazy. Last week, I posted short “reviews” of the political clowns we see in the news.


This week, I’m posting short reviews of movies and TV shows I’ve been watching.


The good news: Unlike the aforementioned political clowns, most of these movies and TV shows are pretty decent.



Red Rose — A British miniseries aimed at, I guess, the young-adult demographic. The twisted plot reminded me of The Game. Or The Truman Show. Or Black Mirror: bad things happening to teenagers, thanks to modern technology.

I liked the kids and the premise, but the ending was less than satisfying. Grade: B+





Top Gun: Maverick — Read my review here.





The Strays — Based on the plot synopsis, I was expecting super-woke dreck. But after a slow start, this British thriller about the perils of trying to ditch your past becomes … interesting. To say the least. Grade: B+





M3GAN — It was … just OK. At heart it’s simply yet another evil doll movie. You know, like the “Chucky” franchise. Grade: B-



Next week — short reviews of my short reviews.





Speaking of “Zelinaky,” the Ukrainian pit bull is sounding more and more like he believes he is the de facto American president. He does not just want, but is entitled, to your tax dollars.





Apparently, “Libs of TikTok” are now leading our grand juries.


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Unfiltered Opinions


Hey, I don’t know any of these people personally. Maybe they just come off as awful human beings on TV. Their mothers probably love them. They might have pets. The following opinions are just my gut reactions to them.

There are more liberals than conservatives on this list because liberals are in power and are doing the most damage.  The scum:



Pete Buttigieg — a clueless, cowardly mother’s boy.


John Fetterman — a liar who gets depressed and then expects your sympathy.


Don Lemon — a narcissistic idiot who never had a “prime,” and never will.


Graham and McConnell — establishment hacks who have disdain for their constituents.


Kamala Harris — too stupid to have the job. Any job.


Biden — the biggest traitor in American history.


Joy Behar — a loud-mouthed fool.


Liberal “firsts” (gay, female, black, fill-in-the-blank) — setting back their individual “tribes” by being, in general, astoundingly incompetent.


Zelenskyy — this guy needs to negotiate with Putin, or find a new sugar daddy to fund his war.


Raquel Welch — an amazing piece of ass.


Teachers — always wanting more money but already have more than they deserve (and stop blaming your unions; you voted for them)


Greta Thunberg — a spoiled brat turned homicidal adult.



I could go on and on.


I also could be wrong.


But I doubt it.


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Sadly, the above headline is wishful thinking. Nothing bad ever happens to liberals in power. Instead, they get golden parachutes and new jobs at Harvard.



She’s not the most articulate person in D.C., but I admire Boebert for saying out loud what so many of us are thinking.





If I was an activist, I would organize large, pro-life-apparel-wearing groups to swarm the damn place every day until summer. Oh, yeah, and heads need to roll at the Smithsonian.




Want to know how low I’ve sunk? Today is a relatively nice, sunny day, yet I’ve spent the afternoon watching a televised double-bill of Willard and Ben. The 1970s rat movies. 

I have no excuse.

Although I’ll have to say, the Michael Jackson title tune “Ben” remains oddly compelling.








I might be sinking to new lows, but I haven’t reached the depths of Rip van Dinkle, who continues to be emasculated by Filipino artist Kryanne. (That’s her in the lower-right corner pulling down Rip’s pants.)



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Mads Mikkelsen stars as the unfortunate sole survivor of a plane crash in — you guessed it — the arctic. Will he have what it takes to get back to civilization? Does a polar bear shit in the snow?

The “Man vs. the Elements” storyline never goes out of fashion. Whether it’s Charlie Chaplin in The Gold Rush, Tom Hanks (and “Wilson”) in Cast Away or, in this case, Mikkelsen in frigid Iceland, it’s a scenario that appeals to our survival-instinct roots.

In the movies, you just need a charismatic actor with an expressive face, and some realistic — preferably daunting — scenery. Arctic delivers on both.

If the film isn’t quite as moving as some of its Hollywood ancestors, it’s because Mads must go it alone (there is another character, but she’s barely conscious). He doesn’t have other actors with whom to share the drama, and the trauma. Not even a volleyball.  Release: 2019  Grade: B+




Top Gun: Maverick


I have hazy memories of watching Top Gun in the 1980s, whether in a theater or on VHS, I couldn’t say. I recall thinking it was entertaining, but not particularly original.

Flash forward to today and the long-delayed Top Gun sequel, which I watched last night and thought: It was entertaining, but not particularly original.

But that’s not completely honest. In today’s political climate, in which everything Hollywood produces seems either snark-filled or way too “woke,” old-fashioned Top Gun: Maverick feels paradoxically fresh.

One thing hasn’t changed over the decades — both movies are first-and-foremost Tom Cruise vehicles and, although his face is a bit saggier than it was in 1986, Cruise’s movie-star charisma hasn’t faded a bit. Release: 2022  Grade: B+


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The Chinese Balloon


At least we now have an idea of what to expect in the event of a nuclear attack on America.

The Biden administration will either Plan A: not do a thing, and hope that no one notices that Montana has been obliterated off the face of the Earth, or Plan B: dither for a week trying to decide what to do, during which time the rest of the continental U.S. will become a pile of ashes.


This is the doddering, perverted, traitorous fool you voted for, American Democrats. Because, you know, you didn’t like Trump.






YouTube kept telling me to watch talk-show host Lex Fridman, so I finally caved and watched a few episodes. My thoughts? Fridman is just a new Charlie Rose for the current generation. Rose was just the new Tom Snyder for his generation. Snyder was just the new … I dunno, Edward R. Murrow, perhaps?

That’s not a slam on Fridman, just an observation.




Shows to watch (or not)



Fauda — Israel’s defense-forces thriller is still as tense and exciting as ever in its fourth season. But I will have to say, I am becoming a bit burned out on its repetitive formula: scheming bad guys, vacillating decision-makers, family angst. Repeat, rinse, repeat, rinse.



The Snow Girl — The Netflix series is nothing you haven’t seen before (child kidnapping drama), but it’s very well done.


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