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That’s quite a trick. Whenever I’m naked and afraid, the last thing in the world I can do is pop up.




People complain about Donald Trump being constantly in the news.

Maybe, but whenever I tune in to the news, it seems to be the media covering the media.





I don’t understand all the “surprise and outrage” over news that Mark Zuckerberg has been shopping Facebook users’ personal information.

Doesn’t anyone remember The Social Network?




How to Write for a “News” Web Site:


A)  Your headline is the most important element. It needn’t have anything to do with the story beneath it, and it should be either misleading or sensational or both. Just get readers to click on the article.

B)  The story itself can be fairly straightforward and non-controversial. But at the end, the reporter must sum things up by inserting his or her own opinion about the issue in question. Preferably, the writer will be some snot-nosed kid straight out of college who knows next to nothing about real life. Readers aren’t smart enough to draw their own conclusions, so it is essential that said snot-nosed kid explain things for them.

C)  The above applies to both liberal sites like The Huffington Post and conservative sites like Breitbart.





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