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I’m sorry, but even decades ago (above), Barbara Bush looked like George’s mother.




I don’t spend a great deal of time on YouTube, but I might start. It’s a bit like having a video version of the Smithsonian on your computer, with a treasure trove of historical interviews and clips.

Last night I was up way past my bedtime watching old videos of literary curmudgeon Fran Lebowitz (below), the New York wit who is woefully misguided on some issues but always, always amusing.



Of course, if you tire of highbrow interviews with the likes of William F. Buckley, James Baldwin, or Fran Lebowitz, you can always escape to YouTube’s other attraction: Jack Vale’s fart videos.




And who might be the anti-Fran Lebowitz? I’d nominate this chick, who is finding her 15 minutes of fame by posting provocative pictures like this one:



But be warned: If you scroll Brenna Spencer’s Twitter or Instagram seeking more pics for your erotica collection, you will have to wade through roughly 12,000 annoying “fish face” photos.



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